Mayor of Lahti welcomes competitors!

Welcome to Lahti!

In the midst of winter, preparations for the mountain bike orienteering World Cup final and World Seniors Championship are in full swing. The events are being built step by step, following the course from one control point to the next.

Lahti is a city with a wide range of sports events and leisure sports activities. We have an extensive history and a solid reputation in organising international winter sports events. The range of sports on offer is growing all the time; there are recreational activities and competitions all the year round.

Mountain bike orienteering is a good example of a sport that allows competitors of various ages and skill levels to participate. The varying terrain of Salpausselkä ridge and its network of bicycle paths provide an excellent environment for mountain bike orienteering. The control points are off road, so competitors will need to leave the bicycle paths to find them.

Lahti was appointed European Green Capital for 2021. Our environmental goals are ambitious; among other things, we are committed to promote all sustainable forms of urban transport.

Sports events create an exciting atmosphere and convey the joy of physical activity to spectators and participants alike. Behind every event is an active body of organisers, most of them volunteers – contributing their labour simply out of love for the sport. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in organising the event. For the spectators and the support staff, I hope you may have many memorable moments and feel the thrill of the sport.

Good luck, everyone!

Pekka Timonen
Mayor of Lahti

Pekka Timonen – Mayor of Lahti

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